Private Foreign Exchange Services

We support private individuals with all types of personal currency requirements.

Personal FX

A Relationship-Led Personal Service

  • We support individuals with all types of private FX requirements.
  • You might be buying or selling an overseas property or asset.
  • You may need to make an immediate currency exchange and payment.
  • You might be planning for a future FX requirement, such as a move overseas or property/asset purchase or sale.

We can help you achieve a cost effective and secure personal currency exchange and payment.

When planning for an upcoming foreign exchange need, we can also help you manage the risk of unfavourable exchange rate movements.

Personal Foreign Exchange

Private Currency Exchange Services

Spot Trades

Buy or sell currency for immediate payment.

Market Order

Target a specific rate of exchange 24 hours a day. The rate is automatically secured once available in the market.

Forward Contract

Secure an exchange rate to be used at a future date.

Risk Management

Protect against unfavourable exchange rate movement when planning for an upcoming FX need.

Flexible Settlement

Take delivery of Forward Contracts over a period of time rather than at a specific future date.

International Currency Payments

Make global payments using a secure online portal.

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