Foreign Exchange Partnerships

We form mutually beneficial and ongoing long-term revenue share FX partnerships.

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Please contact Tom Georgeson directly for all FX Partnership Enquiries and Questions.

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Why Partner with GSNFX?

We form partnerships with both companies and individuals who have a network of contacts requiring FX services.

FX Partnerships – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Partner with GSNFX?

Both private individuals and companies can partner with GSNFX.

There are no requirements to have a detailed understanding of the FX markets.

You can simply make introductions and we will handle the rest.

Types of FX Partners

Partnerships with both Companies and Individuals


Shared Revenue

We agree long-term and ongoing revenue share arrangements with our partners.


Mutually Beneficial

We aim to add value to every new client introduced to us, supporting all parties.


Here is the broad scope of value we can offer your network

01. Cost Savings

Exchange costs,
payment and intermediary costs,
balance sheet translational costs,
FX losses,
business margins,
time costs.

02. Support Expansion

We can help your clients to send, hold and receive payments in up to 160 currencies.

03. Own Name Electronic Money Accounts

We can help your clients to efficiently open electronic money accounts in their own name for receiving, holding and sending funds.

04. FX Strategy Experts

We’re experts in managing FX risks and exposures.

We can help your network more effectively manage their currency requirements.

05. Simple, Flexible and Bespoke

We develop simple, flexible and bespoke solutions to managing FX requirements.

06. Traditional Personal Relationships

We value traditional service-led relationships with all clients.

07. Technology

We are supporting by industry leading technology.

08. Bespoke Solutions

We work with all clients on an individual basis.
All solutions are tailored specifically to client needs.
How Does It Work?

Would you like to work with us?


Network Introductions

Our partners make introductions between us and their network, clients, contacts, customers, suppliers.


Shared Revenue

We share a percentage of any revenue generated, providing our partners with a regular and ongoing revenue stream.


Personal Service

We aim to add value to every referral, providing a personal,
bespoke and unique service.

Do you have a network which could benefit from our services?

Feel free to reach out by phone or email today.
We are always looking for new long-term partners.