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Margin Call Foreign Exchange

Margin Call Foreign Exchange

Margin Call Foreign Exchange

Margin Call Foreign Exchange

Have you received a collateral request or margin call from your bank or FX broker?

Are you reviewing the credit capacity and terms of your FX hedging facilities?

Would additional capacity to secure FX contracts help support business risk management?

Are you looking for more favourable variation credit terms when securing FX risk management products?

Please reach out to us by phone or email for a discussion.


Margin Calls and Collateral Requests

FX Collateral Request

Have you recently received a collateral request from your bank or FX broker?

If this is a subject you’d like to discuss, please kindly reach out to us by phone or email.

Are you aiming to improve your credit terms to reduce the chances of a margin call?

We are very happy to discuss.


Where can we help?

With a combined 30 years of experience, GSNFX is lead by Jack and Tom Georgeson. We founded GSNFX to provide a traditional service-led business that puts the specific needs of clients first. Supported by industry-leading technology, we develop bespoke solutions for every client.

We can provide support in all aspects of client FX hedging needs. This includes working to achieve favourable credit terms for FX hedges to limit the chances of margin calls and collateral requests.

What is an FX Margin Call?

Foreign Exchange Margin Calls and Collateral Request

Banks and FX brokers will often provide an FX hedging facility which include variation credit.

This allows a client to secure FX hedges for risk management without paying an upfront deposit.

The client then settles the hedging trades at specific dates or over a period of time.

The bank of FX broker will often provide a level of variation credit. This is either a percentage of the total outstanding contracts or a specific amount.

If the live market moves beyond the variation credit limits, at that stage the credit teams of banks and FX brokers may issue a collateral request or margin call. This request asks the client to place deposit funds on account as collateral against the FX hedges.

As a result, it’s a good exercise to ensure you’re receiving the most favourable credit terms when placing FX hedges in order to minimise the risk of tying up corporate funds is margin call deposits, which could otherwise be used more productively in the business.

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