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Margin Call FX Forward

Margin Call FX Forward

Margin Call FX Forward

Margin Call FX Forward

Do you currently manage business and commercial FX risks using FX Forward Contracts?

Are you aware of the credit terms offered by your banks and FX brokers?

Are you aware of the variation credit offered by your banks and FX brokers?

Has your bank or FX broker requested a collateral deposit or margin call deposit against FX Forward Contracts?

If you are reviewing the terms of your FX Forward hedging and credit facilities, we are very open to speaking to you.

We can review all aspects of your current facilities and aim to improve credit terms, flexibility and overall costs.

We can also discuss your strategy and objectives, with the aim of improving overall risk management performance by introducing new solutions, strategies and ideas.

Please reach out to us for a discussion by phone or email.


FX Forwards Initial and Variation Credit

FX Forwards Line of Credit

Is there a maximum volume or notional of currency you are able to secure under your current FX hedging terms?

What is the maximum timeframe you are able to secure FX Forwards in the future? For example 12 or 24 months.

Do you carry business and commercial FX exposures over 24 months or beyond your current facility maximum tenor?

Are you aware of the levels or variation credit limits of your current FX Forward hedging facilities?

Do you pay an initial deposit when booking FX Forward contracts?

Are you aware of the potential amounts and increments of margin call requests under your current FX facility terms? Forward example, have you been asked to fund 3% or 5% of the outstanding Forward contract values.

If you have been recently margin called by your banks or FX brokers, please reach out to us for a discussion.

We can discuss the ideal and target parameters of your FX Forward hedging facilities and aim to add value to each aspect and your overall strategy.

Out The Money Limit

OTM Limit

Are you aware of your current Out The Money Limit or Variation Credit limit?

FX Forwards and Option Structures are revalued on an ongoing basis, comparing the current fair value of contracts in comparison to the rates secured.

The OTM limit is either referred to as a percentage of the contracts secured or a fixed amount.

Are you reviewing your current variation credit limits and would you like to reduce the chance of a margin call collateral request?

Please get in touch by phone or email. We can investigate each aspect of your current facilities with the aim of offering improvements.


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