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ISDA CSA Negotiation Foreign Exchange Hedging Facility

Are you in the Process of Negotiating Terms of an ISDA Credit Support Annex?

We can provide extensive foreign exchange hedging facilities to secure currency exposure for up to 5 years.

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Are you in the Process of Agreeing Initial and Variation Margin Terms for FX Hedging?

We can agree large scale FX hedging facilities in a timely manner. This can often be confirmed within a single business day.

Have you Agreed Margin Call Terms?

If you require capacity to hedge additional volume of foreign exchange or to secure over an extended time-period up to 5 years and would like to maximise your variation credit and margin call terms. Reach out today for a discussion.  

Are you Happy with the Collateral Terms under an Existing ISDA CSA agreement?

We can aim to improve on your current collateral and margin terms for FX hedging, working on specific areas such as initial and variation margin, margin call increments and mark to market triggers. We can also review the facility capacity allowing you to hedge required volumes over extended time periods.

Where can we Add Value?

We can provide timely decisions to help add value to all aspects of foreign exchange hedging facilities. You may require extra capacity to secure more currency volume over an extended period.

You may want to improve the collateral terms associated with your foreign exchange hedging facility. This will include initial margin payable and the variation credit total. Furthermore, we can also aim to improve on the margin call terms you’re currently receiving, such as the increment amounts.

CSA Agreements

You might have existing facilities in place or be in the process of renegotiating the terms of your foreign exchange hedging facilities. If there are specific terms that you’d like to improve and in a timely manner. We can gain prompt decisions on large scale foreign exchange risk management facilities for up to 5 years.

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