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Commercial and Business FX Services for UK Companies with Entities Registered in Guernsey


Corporate Foreign Exchange Guernsey

Are you searching for FX Services in Guernsey?

If you own, manage or operate a corporate entity or corporate structure registered in Guernsey and require support with the full range of commercial FX services, we are very happy to assist.

Our support includes:

  • Commercial Pricing when Buying and Selling Currencies.
  • FX Risk Management Solutions.
  • Balance Sheet Asset and Liability Hedging.
  • Import and Export Contract Hedging.
  • Online FX and Banking Platforms.
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts.

Please kindly reach out for a discussion.

FX Services in Guernsey

Foreign Exchange Services and Solutions

  • Spot Contracts
  • Markets Orders
  • Forward Contracts
  • FX Risk Management
  • FX Hedging Credit Facilities
  • Phone-Based Personal Relationship Service
  • Online Platform for FX and Banking
  • Risk Management and Hedging Products
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Legal Entity Identifier Support
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts
  • Multi-Currency Electronic Money Wallets

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific needs.


FX Services Guernsey

Guernsey Foreign Exchange Services

Are you in the process of registering and setting up a corporate entity or structure in Guernsey?

Do you have existing corporate companies and entities registered in Guernsey?

If you operate commercially in global currencies and require direct market access to commercial exchange rates, we can assist.

If you have ongoing foreign exchange risk and exposures we can also support with the full range of market FX Risk Management solutions.

Furthermore, we can also help activate multi-currency bank accounts and e-wallets for FX payments and collections.

You’ll receive a personal and tailored phone based service. Equally you can also transact 24 hours a day via the online FX portal and banking portal.

Please kindly reach out by phone or email in the first instance to discuss your needs. There are no obligations and we’re very happy to assist in some or all aspects of your FX requirements.

Financial Services in Guernsey

FX Services for Companies Registered in Guernsey

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands, and it is located in the English Channel close to the French coast of Normandy. It is less than 10km across. The population sits at just 65,000.

The island has a GDP of £3.3 billion, a third of which is a result of the finance industry. It is a one-stop shop for global financial services, and it is one of the largest offshore financial centres.

Guernsey is a leading international financial centre. At present, the corporation tax payable by Guernsey companies is zero, there is no capital gains tax, inheritance tax or value-added tax. Thus it is a tax-efficient option for corporates. Please kindly note, we cannot guarantee the above tax information is accurate and correct. Please seek advice from a tax expert.

Registering New Corporate Entities in Guernsey

FX Services and Risk Management Solutions

Are you in the process of creating a new corporate entity in Guernsey? You may have local Corporate Service Providers and Advisers helping register and manage your new corporate entity or group of entities.

If you require commercial FX services and foreign exchange risk management support, please kindly reach out to us via phone or email in the first instance.

If you are also investigating multi-currency bank accounts for your corporate entity/entities, this is something we can also support.

Furthermore, if you are likely to require an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) for regulatory reporting of FX risk management hedges, we are also very happy to provide support and assistance.

Tax for Companies in Guernsey

FX Solutions and Hedging Strategies for Guernsey Registered Companies

If you are seeking to register your corporate group structure or holdings in Guernsey for tax efficiency. You may also be considering FX exposures and commercial risks if you operate internationally or hold global balance sheet assets in multi-currencies.

We can provide support with all types of FX risk and exposures. You may simply require commercial pricing when buying and selling currencies. Alternatively, you may have ongoing or extended FX requirements which need an active hedging strategy.


Guernsey Regulation and Local Expertise

Foreign Exchange Solutions

To highlight, we do not hold a local presence in Guernsey. You should certainly consult local expertise to ensure you are operating within local rules, regulations and frameworks.

We support UK companies in managing FX risks and exposures. Equally, if you are expanding or planning to operate in new jurisdictions and countries globally. We can provide assistance in a number of key areas including the below.

  • FX Transactions
  • FX Payment Solutions
  • Multi-Currency E-Wallets
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts
  • FX Hedging Solutions
  • FX Hedging Policies
  • Balance Sheet Hedging
  • FX Regulatory Reporting
  • Legal Entity Identifier Queries and Support

If you are facing needs and challenges in any of the above areas. Please kindly get in touch with us for an initial discussion. There are no obligations to use our services.

Please view our Regulation and Compliance overview and information via the below link.

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