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FX Derivatives Products

FX derivatives, also known as foreign exchange derivatives, are financial instruments whose value is derived from the underlying foreign exchange market. These derivatives allow market participants to manage their exposure to foreign currency fluctuations and hedge against unfavourable currency movements.

There are various types of FX derivatives, these include:

Forward Contracts: Forward contracts are agreements to exchange currencies at a predetermined rate on a future date. They provide a way to lock in an exchange rate for future transactions and mitigate currency risk.

FX Options: Are you are a professional client who currently uses FX options and Foreign Exchange Derivatives to manage business currency exposures? Alternatively, are you a professional client considering using FX options for Corporate Risk Management purposes for the first time? Then please reach out to us by phone or email in the first instance. We would first need to confirm your specific needs and determine appropriateness before discussing specific FX derivative products. We support professional clients in managing currency exposures using FX derivatives.

FX derivatives provide market participants with a range of tools to manage currency risks. They allow businesses with international operations to hedge against adverse currency movements.

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