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Currency Risk Management Solutions

Currency Risk Management Solutions

Currency Management Methods and Policy

Currency Risk Management Strategies, Operations, Policy, Methods and Solutions.

Do you currently use currency risk management methods and solutions with global FX brokers and providers, investment banks, commercial banks, corporate banks and relationships banks.

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Currency Risk Management

Currency Hedging Solutions

Are you a UK company or corporate group with multi-currency risks and exposures?

  • You might carry import or export currency risks
  • You might hold balance sheet assets or liabilities in multi-currencies or non-functional currencies, creating translational FX risks.
  • You might agree international production or service contracts with costs and revenue generated over an extended period of time and require currency risk management solutions to protect commercial business margins.
Currency Hedging Products

Currency Risk Management Products

Do you currently secure Currency Hedging Products with a UK bank or FX Broker?

Are you searching for more favourable terms when managing currency risk? This might include credit terms, pricing and currency management products.

Are you searching for specific Currency Hedging Products such as Forward Contracts or Structured FX Options?

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Currency Forward Contracts

Currency Forwards

Do you use Currency Forwards to manage business and commercial currency risks?

These might include Fixed, Window and Open Forward Contracts.

  • Are you searching for more flexibility when securing Currency Forwards? This might include the ability to use contracts on a flexible basis over a period of time.
  • Does your current bank or FX broker allow you to extend or roll Currency Forward Contracts at expiry? Subject to credit approval, this might be an area we can support.
  • If cashflow forecasting and potential cashflow changes and delays are a key consideration for your Currency Management decisions, this could be an area we can support.
Currency Options Risk Management

Currency Options Hedging

Do you use Currency Options and Currency Structured Products to manage business currency risks?

  • Are you searching for pricing on a specific Currency Option Product?
  • Are you searching for alternative Currency Option Product ideas?

We support professional clients in management group currency exposures and risks using options. Please kindly contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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