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Foreign Exchange Gibraltar

Are you a UK company with group entities registered in Gibraltar?

We can support with a broad range of FX Services and Solutions.

  • Commercial FX Pricing
  • FX Hedging Solutions
  • Balance Sheet Hedging
  • FX Forward Contracts
  • FX Hedging Credit Facilities
  • FX Online Platform
  • Regulatory Reporting of FX Hedges
  • FX Hedging Policies
  • Multi-Currency E-Wallets
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts

Do you import or export?

Do you operate globally in multiple countries, jurisdictions and currencies?

You might require commercial pricing when exchanging currencies.

You might require more advanced hedging support for ongoing FX exposures.

In the first instance, please kindly reach out to us by phone or email. We can discuss your specific needs and requirements. There are no obligations to use our services.

Foreign Exchange Service Gibraltar

Corporate and Business FX Services

Do you currently hold or are you in the process of registering a company or structure of companies in Gibraltar?

Do you trade internationally and in multiple-currencies?

Will you require FX services and solutions to transfer between currencies and hedge corporate currency risks?

Please kindly contact us to discuss your requirements.


Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. It shares its Northern border with Spain, and it has an area of just 6.7 km2 (2.6 sq mi). 32,000 people live in the town at the foot of the imposing Rock of Gibraltar. The 100-Ton Gun, the Moorish Castle, and the Alameda Botanic Gardens are other significant sights.


FX Hedging Companies Registered in Gibraltar

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Solutions for Companies Registered in Gibraltar

Many international companies and global group are registered and operate in Gibraltar. The key driver will commonly include tax efficiency and additionally regulatory support in a number of business industries.

There are a number of avenues for corporations and business group aiming to register a company in Gibraltar.

Please kindly note, we are only FX Specialists and are unable to offer support or advice regarding tax laws. Please kindly seek specialist advice.

Offshore companies (also known as non-resident companies) at least need one shareholder, one director, and capital of at least £1. Offshore companies are not classed as taxpayers, and they benefit from tax-free status. To protect this status, offshore companies must not trade within Gibraltar.

To establish a new Company, businesses will pay an initial fee associated with the incorporation. Eligible companies need to have at least one shareholder and one director of any nationality, as well as a minimum capital of £100. If a company makes more than £500,000 in sales each year, the business must appoint an auditor resident in Gibraltar who is registered with the Financial Services Commission. They must submit annual financial statements that have been audited.

Overseas companies that want to set up an International Business Branch in Gibraltar must have one corporate agent who is a resident of Gibraltar. The corporate agent must be authorised to accept notices on behalf of the company.

Companies Registered in Gibraltar

FX Services and Solutions

It is possible for international corporations to achieve tax-free or tax efficient status in Gibraltar. As a result, Gibraltar has a significant financial services industry. Businesses and corporate groups located globally utilise Gibraltar’s extensive financial services capabilities.

Gibraltar has a unique set of tax rules that make it efficient for companies and global business groups.

FX Hedging Services

Foreign Exchange Hedging Solutions

If you require FX services please reach out to us in the first instance to discuss your needs.

We support a variety of business areas including:

  • Commercial Pricing when Buying or Selling Currencies
  • FX Risk Management Products and Solutions
  • Multi-Currency Banking Solutions
  • Multi-Currency E-Wallet Solutions
  • Regulatory Reporting of FX Trades
  • Legal Entity Identifier Support
  • Structured FX Hedging Solutions

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