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of FX Dealing and Risk Management

We are GSNFX

We specialise in Corporate Foreign Exchange Risk Management. Developing simple, flexible and dynamic solutions to manage commercial FX risks.

Whether your FX risk is driven by forecast cash flows, commercial projects or balance sheet exposures. GSNFX can help you deliver consistent and formable results.



Risk Managed

FX Strategy

Corporate FX

Business and Commercial Foreign Exchange

We help companies effectively and systematically manage currency exposure to protect business operating margins.

This includes developing and maintaining FX Risk Management Strategies and Currency Hedging Policies. We have extensive expertise in helping businesses of all sizes protect margins against FX volatility.

PAYMENT Solutions

Business International Payments in 160 Currencies Globally

We offer a diverse scope of Corporate Payment Solutions. This includes multi currency accounts, collections and global payments.

We help companies streamline processes, whilst reducing costs and charges. A key support in global business expansion into new territories, markets and operating currencies.

FX Strategy